BFK’s Snap Judgment on Coachella 2013

Let me preface by saying there was NO way 2013 could have even come close to matching 2012’s lineup.  I knew this when I preordered my tickets.  Last year was a dream come true for me.  I finally got to see Dre and Snoop after being kicked out of the Up In Smoke Tour when I was only 15 years old (long story).  I quite literally cried tears of elation when Dre and his entourage hit the stage.  It was epic.  But it was much more than just Dre.  Last year’s lineup was KILLAH from the small font bands to the headliners.  I’m not as excited this year.

The smaller bands on the docket are awesome but the larger the font gets on that poster the more I say “meh.”  It’s like they compiled all the albums I am REALLY sick of and put them in a festival (Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, The XX).  It also doesn’t help that the XX’s new album is a major snooze fest.  Or it’s like they compiled all the music I ran on the treadmill to 5 years ago (Benny Benassi, Simian Mobile Disco, Paul Oakenfold).  Sorry Paul, you’re definitely a legend but I’ve seen you twice now and I’m not stoked for more.

And those headliners?  At least I know I’ll be back at the house at a reasonable time Friday night.  Yeah yeah, people are into Blur I guess but not BFK.  And Phoenix?  Do they really qualify to headline?  Maybe I’ve listened to 1901 and Lisztomania ten too many times but I think I needed a few more years for them to seem fresh again.  The only headliner I’m really excited to see is the Chili Peppers and I JUST saw them at Staples Center in AWESOME seats so I don’t know how you can beat that.  In fact, many of the bands that I’m stoked to see are bands I’ve already seen but oh well.

And where the heck is Big Boi?  Or No Doubt?  Or Lana Del Rey?  St. Lucia? School Of Seven Bells?  Nas?  Chromatics?

I realize I’m sounding very negative so let me list all the bands that I can’t wait to see and that you should definitely check out.  (From little font to big font)

Day One:

Purity Ring (YES)


Earl Sweatshirt



Beach House

Band Of Horses

Tegan And Sara

Passion Pit (even though I’ve seen them and wasn’t blown away I still love em)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Day Two:

Action Bronson

Theophilus London

Pusha T

The Selecter (let’s get our skank on people…it’s a dance not a derogatory term)

Wild Nothing (YES)

Danny Brown

2 Chainz

Dropkick Murphy’s (just cause it’ll be fun)

Major Lazer

Bat For Lashes (STOKED)

Yeasayer (even though I didn’t love their new album)

Moby (just because he made Earthlings)

Ok fine, Benny Benassi

Hot Chip (they are AWESOME live)

New Order

The Postal Service (that would be hilarious if they didn’t play Such Great Heights)

I GUESS go see Phoenix and The XX.  I’m sure in the moment I’ll LOVE them.

Day Three:

Kurt Vile


Ghost (PLEASE PLEASE everyone no matter if you like metal or not go see them.  They are CRAY good and such a trip to watch.  One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  Such theatrics and very approachable metal.)


Jessie Ware


Father John Misty

OMD (yes, Orchestral Movements in the Dark, “If You Leave”)

The Faint (even though I haven’t liked their albums since Danse Macabre)

The Gaslight Anthem

Grimes (possibly the reason I am going to Coachella)

La Roux

Eric Prydz (hehe “Call On Me”)

Pretty Lights (but literally only for the pretty lights)

Wu-Tang Clan (DUH)

Social Distortion

I’m sure I’ll be dragged to Vampire Weekend

Red Hot Chili Peppers (these dudes put on a damn good rock show)

Link to the full lineup.

Well, at least this year I won’t be running all over the damn polo fields trying to see every band that I love that they scheduled on top of each other.  Maybe I’ll check out some of the art installations…

In the meantime I’ll try to peruse the poster and see if there are any other small fonts I can start liking.

First world problems.



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